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Philips HQ200 Jet Clean Solution

A clean shaver ensures maximum shaving performance. Use your Jet Clean solution with your Jet Cleaning system for a thorough cleaning of your shaving heads.

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How Set up The Frabill HQ 200 Hub

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For anglers looking for lightweight hub options, the HQ 200 offers a portable design, durable weather protection and incredible value. Streamlined with expansive fishable space and strategically-placed windows and vents, the HQ 200 can keep up to three anglers equipped and comfortable all day long.

We are not sponsor for any of this products.
We just got this new ice fishing hub for our personal use, and we can say we are happy with this product, easy to set and well made.
Here is the link if you guys are interested

Frabill HQ 200 Hub 2-3 Man Shelter https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00XI1E4Q4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_lcLlEbTBXD0PE

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Maintaining and deep cleaning Philips electric shaver with vinegar

A simple walk through of how to maintain, a Philips Aquatouch electric razor. Includes disassembly and removal of the heads, how to deep clean them and then put it all back together. With will be very similar for other models




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