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Convert Java Project into exe file

Convert your java project into exe file.
Download the launch4j:

follow the steps.
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Car rothed : In my case, the program executes in the cmd, but after I input the data then press enter, the cmd closes, it doesn't show tye output, what do I do?
Ali S : Why do I need to force user to download JRE. If I send it to investor he will be lost and rejects my project. How to make it truly binary? Why is it so hard with Java? Python does it in a minute
tutorials by reyan : very helpful video. you are very genius GOOD LUCK!
User not found : wow, it's amazing
very nice tutorial
Jayshri AM : Really a Great Job!

Make Java Executable

Step by Step Directions:

I've been asked many times to show how to make a java program executable. It is actually very easy to make Java executable on any computer.

The main tool you'll use on a PC is the Command Line or DOS Prompt. To find it click Start and in the box at the bottom type cmd.exe. If you're on a MAC, just search for terminal in the search box.
Derek Banas : Thank you :) I have been programming for about 20 years and I've always enjoyed it. I never taught computer science outside of what I do online, but I've taught a bunch of other subjects for most of my life. I'm very happy that you are enjoying the videos. I'll be making games soon. Actually the last part of the Java tutorial is a game
Chase and Friends : Why does my computer never do the same things as the people's computers in the tutorials???
Derek Banas : Thank you :) You can email the files and they'll run on any OS. The great thing about Java is that it runs on any computer
arthurmee : Thank you Derek. This is an extremely helpful tutorial. What a superb resource your tutorials are. I'm so grateful.
Derek Banas : Finding and fixing errors is pretty much what programmers do. In my Object Oriented Design tutorials I teach how to avoid errors all together, but just minimizing them is about the best you'll get.

Java-Programme per Doppelklick ausführen (.jar, .exe)

Viel Spaß :)




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